Adam R. Johnson Students

AJ211Left to Right:  Alex Venning ’12 (St. Olaf), Alex Kohn ’13, Michelle Hansen ’11, Nagi Hara ’12, and little ole me

AJ11ME, Michelle, Nagi, Alex, and Alex

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProf. Johnson, Alex Kohn ’13, Brett Chapin ’11, Christine Fong ’11, Michelle Hansen ’11, Malous Kossarian ’12, Nagi Hara ’12, and Thomas Avila ’11

2010arjgKyoung-Joo “Jenny” Park (Mt. Sac), Brette Chapin (HMC ’11), Michelle Hansen (HMC ’11), Kristine Fong (HMC ’11), the big guy, and David Slade (HMC ’00, back for more fun in my group!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATarun Narayan ’10, Christine Fong ’11, Prof. Johnson, Brett Chapin ’11, Nagi Hara ’12, and Michelle Hansen ’11

Carolyn Heusser (Gordon College, ’10), Michelle Hansen (HMC, ’11), Brette Chapin (HMC, ’11), Katie Near (HMC, ’10), Jake Plummer, Natty, Mia (and Mia’s puppet hand) and Prof Johnson

acs slcProf Johnson, Lauren Hughs (HMC, ’09) and Joanne Redford (HMC, ’09) at the ACS meeting in Salt Lake City

ajsummer2008Camille Sultana (’10) Joanne Redford (’09) Katie Near (’10)  Lauren Hughs (’09) and Dr. Johnson


ajsummer2004Juliette Petersen, Hanhan Li, Casey Jones (Reed College)

ajgroup2004Jessica Hoover, Jordan Boye, Juliette Petersen
it’s the J-lab

ajsummer2003Jessica Pikul, Reed College ’04; Jessica Hoover, HMC ’04
The summer of the Jessicas…

AJs2002Either we are all the same height, or we are standing on steps…
Dr. Johnson, Kendra Nelson ’03, Jessica Hoover ’04, Liz Duvall Albion College ’03

ajyear2002Check out my senior thesis students for 2001-2001, and the new glove box!
Tammy Hanna ’02, Cat Ho ’02

arjgroup2001Here we are sitting on the Koi pond in Hixon court!
Cat Ho ’02, Dr. Johnson, Kendra Nelson ’03

ajsummer00Here we are standing in front of Kingston Hall with the everpresent warts.
Dr. Johnson, Christine Yoo ’01, Gayle Pageau Colby College ’01