Chemistry Faculty and Staff

Chemistry Faculty

Sandra E. Brown

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PhD, University of California, Irvine
Theoretical Chemistry

Spencer D. Brucks/Fall ’22

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Columbia University
Organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and chemical biology

William Daub.G. William Daub/Sabbatical 2021-2022

Seeley Wintersmith Mudd Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Stanford University
Development of new regioselective reactions for synthesis.

Karl Haushalter.Karl A. Haushalter

Professor of Chemistry and Biology and Department Chair
PhD, Harvard University
Molecular mechanisms of DNA repair; Interactions of proteins and nucleic acids.

Lelia Hawkins.Lelia N. Hawkins

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Hixon Professor of Climate Studies
PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Characterization of light-absorbing compounds in atmospheric aerosol.

Alicia O. Hernandez-Castillo/Fall ’22

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Purdue University
Broadband microwave spectroscopy to study molecular interactions

Adam Johnson.Adam R. Johnson

Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amino acid-derived ligands for the synthesis of chiral transition metal complexes and novel ligands for the synthesis of heterobimetallic complexes.

Kerry Karukstis.Kerry K. Karukstis

Ray and Mary Ingwersen Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Duke University
Spectroscopic studies of surfactant assemblies, host-guest systems, and drug-delivery vehicles.

Matthew L. Kromer

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Materials Chemistry

Carine Nemr

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
PhD, University of Toronto
Analytical Chemistry

Gerald Van Hecke.Gerald R. Van Hecke

Donald A. Strauss Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Princeton University
Thermodynamics of liquid crystals.

Katherine Van Heuvelen.Katherine M. Van Heuvelen

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Faculty
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of bio-inspired transition metal complexes.

Hal Van Rysywk.Hal Van Ryswyk

John Stauffer Professor of Chemistry
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Solar energy conversion, self-assembling molecular systems, energy and electron transfer.

David Vosburg.David A. Vosburg

Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Scripps Research Institute
Biomimetic cyclizations, natural product synthesis, green chemistry, and self-assembly.


Robert J. Cave.Robert J. Cave

Years of Service

American Chemistry Society Journal of Physical Chemistry Memorial
Michigan State University Department of Chemistry Memoriam

Chemistry Emeritus Faculty

Prof. Campbell posed at chalkboard during lectureJ. Arthur Campbell

Years of Service

Misuru Kubota.Mitsuru Kubota

Years of Service

Philip C. Myhre.Philip C. Myhre

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William G. Sly

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Head and shoulders of Sarah KavassalisSarah Kavassalis

Postdoctoral Scholar in Interdisciplinary Computation
PhD, University of Toronto
Atmospheric Chemistry
Office: Olin 1257A

Chemistry Staff

Daniel Guerra.Daniel A. Guerra

Laboratory & Stockroom Manager
B.S. & M.S., California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Office: Jacobs 2310

Head and shoulder picture of Annalee SendisAnnalee Sendis

Chemical Hygiene Officer & Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator
B.S., University of La Verne
Office: Jacobs 2306

Peter SanchezPeter Sanchez

Instrumentation Technician
Office: Jacobs 2304

Kim Young.Kim Young

Administrative Coordinator
A.S., Chaffey College, PACE Certified
Office: Jacobs 1209