Degree Options

Like the standard program outlined above, specialized Chemistry emphases must satisfy the requirements of an ACS-approved and HMC-certified degree. Those requirements are:

  • Five required foundation courses (51, 56, 103, 104, 182) and three required foundation laboratories (53, 58, 109) [19 units]
  • One additional elective foundation laboratory – either 110 or 184 [1 unit]
  • Eight units of elective in-depth non-laboratory courses (any non-laboratory chemistry course with a prerequisite of 51, 56, 103, 104, or 182 or non-laboratory courses in other departments with significant chemistry content beyond the level of the foundation courses listed above) [8 units]
  • One elective advanced laboratory –111, 112, or 122 [1 unit]
  • 4-6 units of senior research (151-152)   [4-6 units]
  • Four semesters of Chem 199   [2 units]
  • Additional technical electives to reach a minimum of 37 units

The table below defines the curriculum that satisfies the Chemistry major emphases of Applied Chemistry (Chemical Engineering), Computational Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, and Geochemistry.


Premedical Studies

An excellent premedical preparation can be obtained for both MD and PhD/MD programs. In fact, the College’s technical Core and emphasis on the humanities, social sciences, and the arts are assets for admission to medical studies. Harvey Mudd students are completing either the Chemistry major or the Joint Major in Chemistry and Biology major have successfully been admitted to both MD and PhD/MD programs. As early curriculum planning is recommended, students should inform their adviser as soon as possible if they wish to pursue medical school.