Alumni News

Group photo of chemistry majors 2020

First row (l-r): Rogelio Aguilar and Emily Hwang.
Second row (l-r): Brandon Wada, Johnson Hoang, Jeni Zhu, Emily Shimizu, and Toty Calvo.

Congratulations!  We wish our Class of 2020 chemistry and joint chemistry and biology majors luck in the workforce.  We also wish luck to those entering graduate school at Stanford University, Caltech, and the University of California, Irvine.

Discover some of the exciting and diverse career paths our chemistry and our joint chemistry and biology alumni have followed.


Kevin Esvelt, Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, NEC Career Development Professor of Computer and Communications, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kevin Esvelt '04

Kevin Esvelt ’04 is an assistant professor at the MIT Media Lab. He is the director of the Sculpting Evolution group, which invents new ways to study and influence the evolution of ecosystems. By carefully developing and testing these methods with openness and humility, the group seeks to address difficult ecological problems for the benefit of humanity and the natural world.

Ann E. McDermott, Esther and Ronald Breslow Professor of Biological Chemistry, Columbia University

Ann McDermott '81

Ann McDermott ’81 is the Esther Breslow Professor of Biological Chemistry at Columbia University, where she recently served as associate vice president for academic advising and science initiatives in the Arts and Sciences and currently serves as a rising chair of the Educational Policy and Planning Committee of the Arts and Sciences.

Tyrel McQueen, Professor of Chemistry, The Johns Hopkins University

Tyrel McQueen '04

Tyrel McQueen ’04 is a professor of chemistry at The Johns Hopkins University with a joint appointment in the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. As a materials chemist, his focus is on the discovery of new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials.

Aurora Pribram-Jones, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, University of California, Merced

Aurora Pribram-Jones '09

Aurora Pribram-Jones ’09 is an assistant professor of chemistry and chemical biology at the University of California, Merced.  Aurora’s group uses paper-and-pencil work, exactly solvable model systems, and computational studies to investigate the limits and breaking points of modern electronic structure theory, touching on a variety of application areas.

Eric Toberer, Associate Professor of Physics, Director of Materials Science, Fryrear Chair for Innovation and Excellence, Colorado School of Mines

Eric Toberer '02

Eric Toberer ’02 is an assistant professor of physics at the Colorado School of Mines.  His goal is to understand the relationship between material structure and properties to such accuracy that he can predict the properties of unexplored materials.


Elaine Hart, Manager, Integrated Resource Planning, Portland General Electric

Elaine Hart '06Elaine Hart ’06 is a manager at Portland General Electric.

Hart earned a bachelor of science in chemistry from Harvey Mudd College before completing a master of science in materials science and a PhD in civil and environmental engineering, both at Stanford University.


Andrew Lees, Scientific Director and Owner of Fina BioSolutions

An esteemed research scientist and a world-recognized leader in vaccine development, Andrew Lees ’75 founded Fina BioSolutions, a company committed to eliminating vaccine-preventable deaths of infants and children in emerging-market countries. Lees is also an associate professor of medicine at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine in the Center for Vaccine Development. In addition, he is an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and an affiliate at the University of Maryland Bioprocessing Scale-Up Facility.


Glen Hastings, Analytics Manager-Publisher Yield Ops, Facebook

Glenn Hastings '93Glen Hastings ’93 is an analytics lead for Facebook’s Audience Network responsible for coordinating global audience network analytics efforts across London, Seattle, and Menlo Park offices focusing on product and marketplace analytics. Hastings previously took lead roles in Facebook’s launch of on-network mobile advertising and Yahoo’s re-launch of its search advertising platform.

Loren Perelman, Vice President of Scientific Consulting, Riffy

Loren Perelman '02Perelman ’02 likes to build things – teams, capabilities, laboratories, ideas, strategy, and consensus. Loren has a deep passion for evaluating systems and determining optimal ways to use them to achieve business goals while providing for the personnel-oriented aspects, like culture and development.


Smita Awasthi, Assistant Professor, Departments of Dermatology and Pediatrics, and Director of Pediatric Dermatology, UC Davis Medical Group

Dr. Awasthi '03Dr. Smita Awasthi ’03 is triple board certified (Dermatology, Pediatrics, and Pediatric Dermatology) and is the Director of Pediatric Dermatology at UC Davis. Although she has a wide range of clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of skin disorders, her particular areas of interest include atopic dermatitis (eczema), acne, and genetic disorders (including ichthyosis and blistering disorders).

Sophie Parks, Resident Doctor, UC Irvine Health in Orange County

Sophie ParksWhen selecting a college that would help her achieve her goal of becoming a doctor, Sophie Parks ’14 wanted a place where she could develop a strong foundation in the sciences. Parks states that going to medical school from Harvey Mudd was not a typical path, but she was really drawn to the College’s goal of educating students on the fundamentals of the sciences. She knew that she wanted that.  After graduating from Harvey Mudd with a degree in biology and chemistry, Parks wanted to be closer to her hometown of Manhattan, so she applied to medical schools in New York, including Hofstra NS-LIJ.

Jocelyn Wong Neill, CPO, MSPO, Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics, Inc.

Jocelyn Wong '03Jocelyn Wong ’03 is a Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist (CPO) and clinical director, specializing in lower limb prosthetics. She learned about the prosthetics profession as a research intern, and while racing alongside athletes who used prosthetic legs in local triathlons.