General Safety Information

Please familiarize yourself with the following safety information. If you have questions, talk to your supervisor, the Office of Emergency Preparedness & Safety, the Facilities & Maintenance Office or the Human Resources Office.

How to Report an Injury That Occurs at Work

Notify your supervisor or Human Resources (extensions 79700, 74096, 74154 or 18512) as soon as an injury occurs, even if you do not wish medical treatment. You will be referred to the Disability Administration Office where you will complete forms and be referred for medical treatment, if necessary. The injured employee and his/her supervisor must complete report forms whenever an injury occurs. If you witness a serious life-threatening injury or illness, call Campus Safety at 909.607.2000.

How to Report Unsafe Conditions at HMC

Harvey Mudd College requests that you report to your supervisor any unsafe condition you may observe. Supervisors should then contact one of the following:

Office of Emergency Preparedness & Safety

Facilities or Maintenance Hazard 909.621.8226
Workplace Hazard   909.607.2760 / 909.621.8226

CUC Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Hazard  909.621.8226 / 909.621.8538

If there has been no response from one of the above, after a reasonable amount of time, or if the condition is encountered after regular business hours, on a weekend or holiday, please contact Campus Safety at 909.607.2000.

Report non-urgent situations in writing, including suggested remedies, if any, to:

HMC Office of Emergency Preparedness & Safety c/o HMC Facilities & Maintenance Office

In the event of an emergency, contact Campus Safety 909.607.2000

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Prior to a situation, identify the location of all exits near your work area. After an earthquake or other emergency, if conditions are unsafe to remain indoors or in your work area, exit the building and report to the evacuation site nearest your location. DO NOT leave campus before checking in at the evacuation site or with your supervisor. Roll-call lists will assist emergency response team efforts. Some emergency supplies will be available at the site but we encourage everyone to keep basic supplies (blanket, comfortable shoes, flashlight, special medications, etc.) in your office or car.

Location and Use of Fire Extinguishers

Locate fire extinguishers near your work area and classrooms.  If you do not know how to operate the extinguisher, plan to attend the next safety training session on use of fire extinguishers.

The College’s Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

The personal safety and health of each employee of Harvey Mudd College are of primary importance. Harvey Mudd College is committed to establishing and maintaining a safety and health program conforming to regulatory standards and best practices for occupational safety to benefit those who live, work, and study on campus. The Harvey Mudd College (HMC) Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) (PDF) serves as the principal safety program for all workplace safety programs for Harvey Mudd College.

Importance of Cleaning up Spills and Removing Hazardous Materials or Blood

It is important to clean up spills and remove hazards from your work area. If spills are large or contain hazardous materials or blood, call the Facilities & Maintenance Office for removal by trained individuals. DO ATTEMPT TO CLEAN UP ON YOUR OWN UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN PROPERLY TRAINED! If your position requires first aid response or facilities cleaning, you should request special training through the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Safety at 909.607.2760.

Hazard Communication Program, Including Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDSs for chemicals on hand are available to each laboratory and stockroom with MSDS Online. The chemical inventory for the college is also kept on this system. Laboratories rely on the chemical manufacturers’ information to ascertain the hazards of a particular chemical. SDSs and chemical location may be viewed online. You have a right to access any medical records, monitoring records and SDS sheets that pertain to your job. Access to these records or to receive a copy of the General Industry Safety Order 3204, which explains these rights, you may contact Penny Manisco, HMC Chemical Hygiene Officer at 909.607.4217  or the CUC Environmental Health and Safety Officer at 909.621.8538.

Special Hazards of Your Job

HMC employees are responsible for keeping themselves informed of workplace hazards, participating in training, following all applicable safety policies and procedures, and promptly reporting hazards and accidents to their supervisor.  Employees should contact their Supervisor for information regarding the safety health hazards they may be exposed to in their role at HMC. Supervisors are responsible for determining the and providing the appropriate workplace safety training for employees.

Faculty, advisors,  and senior researchers are ultimately responsible for the design and supervision of laboratory, research and classroom exercises.

For more information regarding workplace safety responsibilities please review the Harvey Mudd College Injury and Illness Prevention Program .


In an office setting, employees should pay particular attention to the ergonomic set-up of desks, computers and other daily use equipment.  If you spend long periods of time using a computer, other office equipment, or perform any type of repetitive motion during the course of your work, be sure to change your position at least once every half hour to avoid eye strain, back and neck strain, and repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel. Call the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Safety 909.607.2760 or the CUC Environmental Health and Safety Office 909.621.8538 if you need assistance in determining the correct ergonomic settings for your equipment.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Place a work order with Facilities and Maintenance Office to arrange assistance with moving awkward or heavy objects. If you chose to move an item on your own, remember to always use proper lifting techniques which may include, using leg muscles rather than back muscles and inspect items to be moved for protruding nails, slivers, sharp edges, etc., before handling.

Safety Rules Enforcement Procedures

The HMC Injury Illness and Prevention Program requires adherence to safe work practices. Employees who do not follow safe work practices may receive disciplinary action up to and including termination from

Questions about safety matters may be directed to the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Safety, 909.607.2760.