The Mary G. Binder Prize

History of the Mary G. Binder Prize

In 1997 the Mary G. Binder Prize was established by a gift from Professor Sam Tanenbaum and Carol Tanenbaum, his wife, to honor Carol’s mother, Mary G. Binder, and to express their gratitude to the College’s support staff. When Professor Tanenbaum requested the College to establish the Prize, he wrote the following about Carol’s mother:

“Mary G. Binder was for many years the personnel director of American Insulated Wire Co., a large manufacturing firm in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She was a person who believed that the greatest virtue in life is to help others, and she practiced this philosophy in her interactions with other employees at work, through her contributions of time and talent to many charitable organizations, and in her relations with neighbors, friends, and family. She truly exemplified the spirit that we hope to recognize with this award.”

The College’s Past Recipients

  • 2017 Teresa Nunez, Facilities & Maintenance
  • 2016 Judy Givigliano, Office of Admission and Financial Aid
  • 2015 Kim Young, Chemistry Department
  • 2014 Deanna Huggins, Facilities & Maintenance
  • 2013 Eva Gomez, Human Resources
  • 2012 Irene Barela, College Advancement
  • 2011 Suzanne Frantz (retired), Mathematics Department
  • 2010 Patricia Rojas (retired), Dining Services
  • 2009 Mike Wheeler (retired), Academic Technical Support Services
  • 2008 Esther Hughes, Dean of Faculty’s Office
  • 2007 Brian Butcher, Dining Services – Jay’s Place
  • 2006 Jesse Raymond, Facilities and Maintenance Department
  • 2005 Kathy Morrison (retired), Physics Department
  • 2004 Barbara Graham (retired), Assoc. Academic Dean’s Office
  • 2003 Rogelio Cabada, Dining Services
  • 2002 Barbara Schade (retired), Computer Science and Math Clinics
  • 2001 Michael Meyka, Audio/Visual/CIS
  • 2000 Patricia Lewis, Admission Office
  • 1999 Earlyne Biering (retired), Chemistry Department
  • 1998 Esteban (Steve) Sandoval, Facilities and Maintenance Department
  • 1997 Ann Villa (retired), Facilities and Maintenance Department