Study Abroad Example Plan – Joint Chemistry and Biology Majors

An example plan for studying abroad during the spring of junior year:

Fall SemesterUnitsSpring SemesterUnits
Chem 23E, 23E, & 244Chem 23D1.5
Phys 231.5Phys 22 and 244
Math 30 and 353Math 40 and 453
CS 53Bio 523
Writing 11.5HSA 103
Total Units:16Total Units:17.5
First Year
Fall SemesterUnitsSpring SemesterUnits
Chem 513Bio 541
Chem 532Bio 1013
Math 60 and 653Chem 56 and 584
Phys 514 3
HSA course3HSA course3
Choice lab1E593
Total Units:16Total Units:17
Sophomore Year
Fall SemesterUnitsSpring SemesterUnits
Bio 111 and 1135Bio Elective + lab**4
Chem 105 and 1114Hum/Soc #5***4
Hum/Soc #3 or E593Hum/Soc #64
Hum/Soc #43Hum/Soc #74
Total Units:15Total Units:16
Junior Year
Fall SemesterUnitsSpring SemesterUnits
Sr. Research3Sr. Research3
Bio/Chem 1893Bio/Chem 182 + 1844
Chem 103 and 1094Hum/Soc #93
Hum/Soc #83Hum/Soc #103
IE Course3Elective3
Total Units:16Total Units:16
Senior Year

*Some countries and/or institutions allow a maximum of four courses per semester. While fewer in number than a normal HMC load, these have transferred in as 16 units for the semester.

**At most universities lecture courses must be taken with accompanying laboratories.

***Note that it is possible to take 4 humanities courses and no biology courses while abroad.