Biology Faculty and Staff

Biology Staff

Molly Stoykovich

Biology Administrative Assistant
Department administration, accounting, pre-med recommendations
F.W. Olin Science Center, Room 1258

Elaine Guerra

Biology Laboratory Manager
Purchasing, laboratory oversight, safety
F.W. Olin Science Center, Room 1258A
909.607.4143 | 909.268.4011 (cell)

Biology Faculty

Steve Adolph.Steve Adolph

Stuart Mudd Professor of Biology and Department Chair
PhD, University of Washington
Physiological & evolutionary ecology
Olin 2381; 909.607.1872

Anna Ahn.Anna N. Ahn

Professor of Biology
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Neural control and mechanics of locomotion
Olin 2375; 909.607.9122

Eliot Bush.Eliot C. Bush

Associate Professor of Biology
PhD, California Institute of Technology
Computational biology and molecular evolution
Olin 1240; 909.607.0653

Matina Donaldson.Matina Donaldson-Matasci

Barbara Stokes Dewey Assistant Professor of Biology
PhD, University of Washington
Behavioral ecology and theoretical biology
Olin 1243; 909.621.8561

Nancy Hamlett.Nancy V. Hamlett

Visiting Professor of Biology
PhD, Johns Hopkins University
Microbial genetics
Olin 2380; 909.607.3811

Karl Haushalter.Karl Haushalter

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biology
PhD, Harvard University
Molecular mechanisms of DNA repair
Jacobs 1218; 909.607.3928

Jae Hur.Jae Hur

Assistant Professor of Biology
PhD, Harvard University
Molecular biology of aging
Olin  2340; 909.607.4039

Catherine McFadden.Catherine S. McFadden

Vivian and D. Kenneth Baker Professor in the Life Sciences
PhD, University of Washington
Marine population biology and molecular systematics
Olin 2361; 909.607.4107

Danae Schulz.Danae Schulz

Assistant Professor of Biology
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Molecular parasitology
Olin  2351; 909.621.8767

Daniel Stoebel.Daniel M. Stoebel

Associate Professor of Biology
PhD, Stony Brook University
Function and evolution of bacterial regulatory networks
Olin 2364; 909.607.1141

Emeritus Biology Faculty

William K. Purves

Professor Emeritus of Biology
PhD, Yale University
Learning strategies & educational software