Biology Minor

The biology minor is available only to Harvey Mudd students electing an off-campus major (OCM) in lieu of a regular Harvey Mudd major. It is not open to participation from students at the other Claremont Colleges.

Minor Requirements

  • BIOL054 HM

    Credit: 1

    Instructors: Ahn, McFadden, Stoebel

    Offered: Spring

    Description: Investigations in physiology, biochemistry, ecology, molecular biol­ogy, and other areas of experimental biology.

    Corequisites: BIOL023 HM and BIOL046 HM 

    Concurrent requisites: BIOL154 HM 

  • BIOL154 HM

    Credits: 3

    Instructors: Donaldson-Matasci, Stoebel

    Offered: Spring

    Description: Statistical techniques for analyzing biological data, including parametric, nonparametric, and randomization methods. Statistical aspects of experimental design with an emphasis on analyzing data collected in BIOL054 HM.

    Prerequisites: CSCI005 HMCSCI005GR HM, or CSCI042 HM 

    Corequisites: BIOL046 HM 

    Concurrent requisites: BIOL054 HM 

  • Three additional biology courses, at least one of which must be a laboratory course (these courses are chosen with the approval of the student's biology advisor and are normally taken at Harvey Mudd)