Pre-Med Preparation

An excellent premedical preparation can be obtained at Harvey Mudd College. In fact, the College’s emphasis on the humanities and the social sciences is a valuable asset for premedical studies. While there is no specific premedical curriculum, a premedical program can be arranged through any of the majors, if supplemented by appropriate biology and chemistry course work. Most medical schools require, as a minimum, one year of physics and biology and four semesters of chemistry, including organic chemistry.

If you have any questions about being pre-health studies at Mudd, you can reach out to our Pre-Health Advisors through email:

Reach out to Dr. Karl Haushalter ( for questions related to academic course planning and majors.

Reach out to Dr. Tony Jimenez ( for all other questions related to being pre-health, including clinical experiences,volunteering, and building a strong med school application. Appointments with Dr. Tony can be made through the Handshake app.

Prospective pre-medical students considering Harvey Mudd should realize that the College’s technical requirements are considerably more demanding than in typical pre-med programs; however, Harvey Mudd’s broad technical education can provide a firm foundation for a career in medicine, especially for those interested in medical research.

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