Pre-Med Preparation

An excellent premedical preparation can be obtained at Harvey Mudd College. In fact, the College’s emphasis on the humanities and the social sciences is a valuable asset for premedical studies. While there is no specific premedical curriculum, a premedical program can be arranged through any of the majors, if supplemented by appropriate biology and chemistry course work. Most medical schools require, as a minimum, one year of physics and biology and four semesters of chemistry, including organic chemistry. Students interested in medicine or related fields, such as dentistry or veterinary medicine, should contact the pre-professional coordinator, Sarah Park in the Office of Career Services.

Prospective pre-medical students considering Harvey Mudd should realize that the College’s technical requirements are considerably more demanding than in typical pre-med programs; however, Harvey Mudd’s broad technical education can provide a firm foundation for a career in medicine, especially for those interested in medical research.

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