Molecular Biology Option

Students who select the molecular biology option within the biology major must satisfactorily complete the following courses.

Molecular Biology Core

  • Biology 54: Biology Laboratory
  • Biology 101: Structure & Function
  • Biology 108: Ecology & Environmental Biology
  • Biology 109: Evolutionary Biology
  • Biology 111: Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Biology 113: Molecular Biology
  • Biology 182: Chemistry in Living Systems
  • Chemistry 51: Physical Chemistry
  • Chemistry 56: Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
  • Chemistry 58: Carbon Compounds
  • Chemistry 105: Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry 111: Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Biology Electives

8 units of approved biology electives, selected by the student and advisor, to include:

  • At least one laboratory course
  • At least one seminar course (requiring student presentations and reading from the primary literature, selected from Bio 121, 122, 164, 185, 189) to be taken at Harvey Mudd College.

Note: One chemistry course may be substituted for an advanced biology course with the advisor’s approval.


Four semesters of Biology 191-192: Biology Colloquium or Chemistry 199: Chemistry Colloquium

Capstone Project

Six units of Biology 193-194: Senior Thesis Research, Biology 195-196: Intensive Research, or Chemistry 151-152: Research Problems
Other options available to students interested in molecular biology and biochemistry include: