Biology Research Opportunities at Claremont Colleges

Summer 2015

The 5-C SURP has a number of summer research positions available. Most of these are funded by our collaborative grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Students from any college can apply for any of the listed positions. Applications for these summer positions are due February 9. All Biology Summer Research Students are expected to work full-time for 10 weeks during the summer. The exact starting and ending dates are stipulated by the faculty advisor.

  1. All summer research students must agree to:
    Complete pre- and post-research surveys
  2. Attend a series of HHMI-sponsored seminars and other events that will be scheduled during the summer research period
  3. Submit a short written summary of their findings
  4. Present a poster at the 5-C SURP celebration of research.

Stipends for 2015 summer research students are expected to be approximately $5,000.

Application Process

  1. Check out the projects and advisors.
  2. Talk to the relevant faculty about the project(s) that interest you.
  3. Submit an application by February 9, 2015.

This application will require:

  • Some basic personal information.
  • The projects you’d like to be a part of. (Be sure to talk to project advisors before applying!)
  • A one page personal statement outlining your academic interests and career goals, any previous research experience(s), and what you hope to gain by participating in this summer research program.
  • The names of two or more Claremont Colleges’ faculty and/or previous research advisers whom we could contact as references.
  • Information about other summer programs that you are considering.

We will attempt to notify students about positions by the end of February.

Please contact Prof. Stoebel ( if you have additional questions.