Facilities and Maintenance Staff

Theresa LauerTheresa Lauer

Senior Director for Facilities, Emergency Preparedness and Safety

  • Oversee all of Facilities operations (e.g. administration, custodial, grounds, and improvement/renovation projects, and mail room)
  • In the absence of the Senior Director for Plant Operations (SDPO), oversee scheduling and supervise all repairs and replacement of HVAC, electrical and plumbing fixtures, valves, devices, and appliances as required
  • Lead College’s Safety efforts partnering with Faculty Safety Committee and President’s Cabinet
  • Lead Emergency Preparedness activities, including partnering with Emergency Management Team with various HMC constituents across campus and the President’s Cabinet

Daniel MadrigalDaniel Madrigal

Senior Director of Plant Operations

  • Manage plant operations (e.g. maintenance and repairs, building systems and Central Plant), including overseeing scheduling and supervision of work orders pertaining to repairs and replacement of HVAC, electrical and plumbing fixtures, valves and devices
  • Serve as lead in managing the College’s Renewal and Replacement Reserve (RRR) program
  • Serve as BAO’s lead on sustainability initiatives and chair the HMC Sustainability Committee comprised of faculty, students and staff members
  • Manage HMC’s utilities, including collaborating with The Claremont Colleges Services Central Facilities Services team, who manages the electrical grid and other systems for The Claremont Colleges

Veronica LagosVeronica Lagos

Assistant Manager of Plant Operations

  • Assist Facilities Directors with managing day-to-day plant operations
  • Manage and prioritize work orders, including emergency dispatch
  • Provide on-call response to facilities-related emergencies such as HVAC issues, leaks, etc.
  • Assist Facilities Directors in management of facilities operating and non-operating budgets
  • Develop, manage and maintain the Liability Certificate of insurance (COI) process documentation
  • Create and process vendor contract documents and maintain checklist for vendor contracts

Administrative Operations

Lino GalvizLino Galaviz

Associate Director of Facilities Administration and Services

  • Manage and oversee and student residential support services, including summer housing
  • Oversee College access, key and card swipe systems
  • Coordinate service administration for the campus and its facilities
  • Oversee the coordination of on campus events and event access
  • Liaise with student organizations to ensure facilities access and support
  • Support emergency preparedness initiatives
  • Provide inventory oversight for College’s fine art

Elissa AvelarElissa Avelar

Administrative Coordinator

  • Oversees all aspects of key and card access management
  • Manages Facilities and Maintenance visitor check-in ID badge process
  • Coordinates summer student housing and dorm damage billing
  • Provides support for emergency preparedness and safety, event management, website administration, and department reports/data management
  • Assist Facilities Management with oversight of the web content for the Facilities and Maintenance, Emergency Preparedness and Safety website

Deanna HugginsDeanna Huggins

Administrative Supervisor

  • Serve as the first line of contact with students, faculty, and staff for the Office of Facilities and Maintenance
  • Assist with the scheduling and use of meeting rooms and with key operations
  • Supervise the day-to-day business operations for the Office of Facilities and Maintenance
  • Provide back-up support to ensure student summer housing needs are met

Elizabeth LadianaElizabeth Lawrence

Facilities Use Coordinator

  • Manage room reservations for on-campus meetings and events
  • Generate and send campus and community-wide notices regarding campus and facilities activities, including events, maintenance, repair work, construction, and other activities that may impact students, faculty, staff and the community
  • Coordinate facilities use and details with internal and external constituents to ensure that their meeting requests are satisfied
  • Manage the College’s annual summer conferences
  • Assist with parking issues on campus and respond to parking-related questions

Capital Projects

Rick Vanzini

Senior Director of Capital Projects

  • Serve as project manager for the McGregor Computer Science Center project (e.g. including managing project budgets and schedules, interact with contractors, architects, vendors and HMC constituents)
  • Serve as project manager for the Jacobs/Keck Phase III renovation project (e.g. including managing project budgets and schedules, interact with contractors, architects, vendors and HMC constituents)

Ron CaldwellRon Caldwell

Construction Manager

  • Assist and support McGregor Computer Science Center project manager with coordinating design consultants, establishing estimates and managing contracts
  • Assist and support Jacobs/Keck Phase III renovation project manager with coordinating design consultants, establishing estimates, and managing contracts

Mail Room Staff

Eddie Carrillo

Mail Clerk

Grounds Staff

Mike BarberMichael Barber

Grounds Services Manager

  • Manage and oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds on-campus, including lawns, trees, plants, parking lots, walkways and water features
  • Maintain the College’s fleet of vehicles, including golf-carts and maintenance vehicles
  • Generate and install various exterior signage on campus
  • Maintain the College’s centrally-controlled irrigation system
  • Manage trash, recycle, composting bins and compactors on-campus

Kurt BlassingameKurt Blassingame

Lead Grounds Keeper

Jesus AguirreJesus Aguirre

Grounds Keeper

Mario ArmentaMario Armenta

Grounds Keeper

Francisco PartidaFrancisco Partida

Grounds Keeper

Ted SalasTed Salas

Grounds Keeper

Maintenance Staff

Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia

General Maintenance Mechanic

Rafael HernandezRafael Hernandez

HVAC Maintenance Technician

Mark KutchMark Kutch

General Maintenance Mechanic

Mike LopezMike Lopez

Lead General Maintenance Mechanic

Bruce MuellerBruce Mueller

Preventive Maintenance Technician

Patrick Van KouwenbergPatrick Van Kouwenberg

Lead General Maintenance Technician

Custodial Services

Travis Paddock

Mail and Custodial Services Manager

  • Lead all custodial services in support of the Harvey Mudd College communities
  • Manage the College’s mailroom operations in working with outside postal agencies
  • Ensure incoming and outgoing U.S. and campus mail is processed timely and accurately, including sorting and distribution
  • Assign and manage student mailboxes
  • Oversee trash, recycle and compost program for all interior spaces
  • Manage college furniture assets

Johnnie Villegas

Custodial Services Supervisor

Ana LinaresAna Linares

Building Attendant

Beatriz RodriguezBeatriz Rodriguez

Building Attendant

Bryce Artukovich

Building Attendant

Connor Osgood

Building Attendant

Diana Limon

Building Attendant

Filiberto AlvaradoFiliberto Alvarado

Building Attendant

Gary PotterGary Potter

Building Attendant

Georgina RomeroGeorgina Romero

Building Attendant

Gracie AlvarezGracie Alvarez

Building Attendant

Guillermina Limon

Building Attendant

Ismael JimenezIsmael Jimenez

Building Attendant

Jose Vargas

Building Attendant

Larry Vasquez

Building Attendant

Leabert WallaceLeabert Wallace

Building Attendant

Linda RamosLinda Ramos

Building Attendant

Maria Villalobos

Building Attendant

Mark Manansala

Building Attendant

Miguel Larios

Building Attendant

Natalie RazuraNatalie Razura

Building Attendant

Phillip Ventura

Building Attendant

Rosa CastilloRosa Castillo

Building Attendant

Teresa NunezTeresa Nunez

Building Attendant