Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I lost my room key. What do I do?

Please report lost or stolen keys to F&M immediately via email to For the safety of each resident, re-keying is required. There will be a $150 fee to re-key your room which will be applied to your student account. You may submit your payment to the Office of Student Accounts, before or after it gets posted on your next tuition statement.

How can I get a non-dorm key (i.e. for lab use, etc.)?

Please have the department that controls the use of the room fill out our Key Request Form.

Something in my room/office is broken. How do I go about getting it fixed?

If something is not working correctly, (i.e. light is burned out, toilet is overflowing, door isn’t locking properly, A/C or heater isn’t working) please submit a work order ASAP. For more immediate concerns, please call F&M (909.621.8226) during normal business hours and Campus Safety (909.607.2000) after normal business hours.

How do I get my bed lofted?

If you would like to loft your bed, please submit a work order with your request.

Can I hang things on the walls in my dorm room?

Residents are encouraged to use non-damaging wall-hanging devices, i.e. poster mounts or non-abrasive putty. Poster mounts are available for free from proctors and F&M. Nails are not permitted, as residents are liable for damages caused to walls. Also, for fire safety, flammable cloth should not be hung near lights, heat or spark sources.

Can I paint my dorm room?

Written approval from ASHMC Senate and the Office of Facilities and Maintenance is required before you can paint your dorm room. Please adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Room Painting and Mural Policy.

How do I reserve a room for a meeting?

Room requests can be made through our Event Management System (EMS) website.

How can I get people added to the authorization list for my swipe lock?

  • Residential Academic Year Guest Access

All HMC students living on campus in a suite/room that requires ID card swipe access can grant 2 HMC students access to their room/suite. Students may submit their guest information via the HMC Residential Guest Card Swipe Authorization Form. The authorization form must include guest names and the guest ID number. Once the form is submitted, an email from will be sent to all suitemates/roommates verifying your guests. Suitemates/roommates must respond to the email to approve all requested guests. Please note all on-campus HMC students requesting guest access should submit their own individual form.

The HMC Residential Guest Card Swipe Authorization Form should be completed during the first week of the fall and spring semester. The Facilities & Maintenance and ResLife staff will begin to process the forms during the second month of each semester, as processing academic access has priority during the start of the semester.

Lastly, it is recommended that before completing the form, students discuss who they’d like to grant access to with their current suitemates/roommates. Furthermore, it is important to discuss what guidelines your guests will need to follow once in your room/ suite.

  • How long will swipe authorization last?

Swipe card authorization to your own dorm/suite will expire once you are expected to vacate the space. If you are a Harvey Mudd student and have authorization for other suites on campus, that access will last until the end of the academic year.

  • How do I remove approved guest access?

If you would like to remove access of an approved guest, please email

Where do I go to see the Lost and Found at HMC?

There are only two official lost and found locations on the Harvey Mudd campus: the F&M office in the Platt basement and the front desk of the Linde Activity Center. If you may have lost something in the LAC, then look there first, otherwise, all other lost and found items should be in the F&M office. The lost and found in the F&M office will be emptied once a year in June. You would be amazed how fast some things get turned in, so please stop by to take look at the lost and found!