Summer Housing

Summer Housing and Summer Room Draw is managed by the Office of Facilities and Maintenance. If you have changes to make to your summer housing occupancy start or end dates, or if you have any other questions relating to summer housing, feel free to contact us at 909.607.3611 or at

Summer Floor Charts

Floor charts will be available prior to Mock Draw in the Platt Campus Center Living Room.


An email notification will be sent out once forms become available

Summer Housing Qualification

All applicants shall qualify within one of the following categories:

1. Be a participant in the College Summer Math program.
2. Be an enrolled degree-seeking student at one of the 5Cs and be a participant in a summer course at the Claremont Colleges.
3. Be a full-time (at least 30 hrs/week) research or academic department/administrative office employee of the College.
4. Be a full-time (at least 30 hrs/week) employee working or conducting research locally that is related to the College.

If you are a non-Harvey Mudd College undergraduate student, you must be participating in a 5C research program and/or on-campus employment to qualify for summer housing at the College. You will be required to provide the name of the program and professor/staff member you will be working or doing research with during the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move?

If you are remaining on-campus, the building attendants will clean your summer room as soon as possible. Once your summer room has been cleaned and inspected, you will receive an email from the facilities and maintenance (F&M) office to notify you that you’re free to move into your summer room. From that point, you have 48 hours to move out of your spring room and return your key. Feel free to use the gray drop box in the Platt courtyard to drop off your key after hours. Residents arriving on campus may pick up their key from the F&M office or call the F&M summer on-call phone number at 909.607.4558.

Why can’t I live in a single double?

The College policy is that no single doubles, triples, or quads will be allowed during the summer. This policy stems from the fact that a large amount of cleaning and maintenance is scheduled over the summer that is greatly hindered by the occupancy of the rooms. Additionally, because building attendants continue to perform custodial services, allowing single doubles highly increases the workload on an already overloaded staff.

Can I leave my stuff in my room?

A resident staying in his/her spring room may not leave his/her property in the room for the beginning of the summer leading up to his/her beginning residency date unless he/she pays the normal occupation rate. If property is left behind without authorization, the resident will be charged the normal daily fee for occupying the room.

What happens if I leave my belongings in my room/suite without authorization?

If the room is not scheduled for occupancy, the resident will be charged the normal daily occupation fee. If the room is scheduled for occupancy, all property will be disposed of and the resident will be charged for the cleaning fee and a late occupation fee. Items left in a common area will be disposed of, no exceptions.

How does Summer Room Draw work?

Mock Draw and Summer Room Draw will be held in late April in Platt Campus Center Living Room and is required for all summer residents who do not request pre-placement.

Students who miss Mock Draw will be automatically given the lowest priority number in Room Draw, unless they have someone proxy for them with a signed note. Students who miss Summer Room Draw will be placed at the convenience of the College unless they have a proxy with a signed note. Doubles, triples, and quads are pulled on the best priority number of the group pulling the room; there is no lock-pulling of suites.