Dorm Damage Charges

The Room Condition Report (RCR) / Damage Assessment procedures are as follows:

Room Condition at Beginning of Academic Year

By the opening of the residence halls, every dorm room will have been assessed by a professional from facilities and maintenance. A Room Condition Report (RCR) form for your room will be located on your (or your roommate’s) desk when you move in.

Please take your time to carefully inspect your room for damages citing any preexisting conditions, being as thorough as possible when completing the form. Put any comments you have regarding the condition of your room in the students’ comment section. If you find you need additional space, there is a section at the bottom of the form for you to make any comments or add detail regarding any condition/damage.

You are responsible for reviewing this information to ensure that it is completely accurate. There will only be one RCR form per room, which should be signed by you and your roommate/s. Every resident is expected to maintain his or her room and the public areas of the residence hall in a reasonably clean and undamaged condition. Signed RCR Forms must be turned in to the facilities and maintenance office (Platt Campus Center basement) by Sept. 7.

Room Condition at End of Academic Year

At the end of the academic year, a final damage assessment will be conducted by a facilities and maintenance professional and your fall room’s RCR will be referenced. All students will be held accountable for any missing items (i.e. desks, beds, etc.) and damage (beyond normal wear and tear) that isn’t listed on your Fall RCR.

If you would like to schedule a preliminary end of year walk-thru/inspection with staff, please contact the office at to make arrangements for an appointment. An estimated Dorm Damage Billing Reference List (PDF) is available for review. This list will provide information regarding the costs you may be assessed for dorm damage.

Dorm Damage Appeal Policy

Information on the Dorm Damage Appeal Policy can be found in the Student Handbook.