Parking Procedures for Harvey Mudd Students

In its 2010 Master Plan Amendment, Harvey Mudd College (HMC or College) made a commitment to the City of Claremont to enforce a Parking Management Plan that would help alleviate parking issues that impact the community.  This plan outlined how the College would minimize the parking pressure placed on adjacent neighborhoods, particularly on the west side of campus.  This Parking Management Plan was a critical component in obtaining approval for HMC’s master plan and the Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning.

To effectively accomplish the intent of the Parking Management Plan, and to remain in compliance with the College’s agreement with the City, it is important that HMC constituents and visitors adhere to the parking regulations of the College, outlined below.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked at The Claremont Colleges must be currently registered with Campus Safety.   Students must register their vehicles annually with Campus Safety.   The Claremont Colleges Campus Safety Office administers vehicle registration.  Registration fees for students living on campus  is $30 per semester; registration for students living off-campus is  $20 per semester.

First time registering a vehicle:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on “Create New Account – Student” and enter your Claremont ID number. Please enter the entire ID Number, do not include a zero before the number, or the dash (-) and number after the dash.
  • Step 3: Complete the required information and attach a digital copy of the vehicle’s DMV registration prior to submitting.
  • Step 4: Campus Safety will review the account and DMV registration. The vehicle is not registered until you receive an email from Campus Safety confirming the registration was completed and successful.

Vehicle registration renewal:

  • Step 1: Log-in to your account and update your information for the current academic year (on-campus or off-campus housing location, cell phone number, home address, etc.)
  • Step 2: Use the “Add Vehicle” link for the vehicle you are registering this year, even if the vehicle was previously registered. All vehicle registrations (new and renewals) must include a copy of the DMV registration.
  • Step 3: Campus Safety will review the account and DMV registration. The vehicle is not registered until you receive an email from Campus Safety confirming the registration renewal was successful.

Important Information:

  • Students may only register one vehicle during the academic year. Please email Campus Safety at if there is a change with the registered vehicle.
  • Please email Campus Safety at if there are problems creating or accessing your vehicle registration account.
  • Please contact your Facilities and Maintenance via to register your guests and obtain guest parking permits.

Bicycle Registration:

Please register your bicycle with 529 Garage: ( The bicycle registration is free and may be helpful in locating your bike if it is lost or stolen.

Note: As of September 2010, first-year students are not allowed to bring and park a motor vehicle on campus.  Further information can be found below in the “First-Year Student Parking” section.

HMC Constituent Parking

To accommodate the parking needs of students, faculty, and staff, and to manage the potential traffic impact on surrounding neighborhoods, HMC has designated certain parking areas on campus for “Students, Faculty, and Staff”, “Faculty and Staff Only”, or “Students Only.”

HMC constituents who are driving a temporary vehicle that is not registered with Campus Safety should obtain a visitor parking pass from the Office of Facilities and Maintenance, but continue to abide by the parking regulations that they usually adhere to as a HMC student, faculty, or staff member.

Low-Emission, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Parking

As part of the LEED certification for the Drinkward Residence Hall, the College designated parking spaces specifically for Drinkward Hall for individuals driving low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is available in the parking lot just north of Marks (South) Dorm.

Claremont Colleges (TCC) Constituent Parking

Students from the other Claremont Colleges who are taking classes on the HMC campus may submit an application for a HMC parking permit. TCC students should contact the Dean of Students Office on their home campus to initiate the application process. The application will then be forwarded to the Office of Facilities and Maintenance at

If approved, TCC students will be given a HMC parking hangtag which will authorize them to park in the parking lots accessible through the Mills Ave/Foothill Blvd. access point.

TCC faculty, staff, and students are not permitted to park in Visitor Parking on the HMC campus, including the spaces on Platt Boulevard.  These spaces are designated for external visitors to the HMC campus. Furthermore, please be sure to observe parking signs that indicate “HMC-Only” spots and those that reserve spaces for HMC faculty and staff that work in certain buildings.

Visitor Parking

Prospective students and their families who are visiting the HMC campus will receive a Facilities-approved parking permit from the Admission Office.   For those who schedule a visit online, a parking permit will be emailed to them.  The Admission Office also works with the Office of Facilities and Maintenance to have parking passes available for pickup in the Admissions Office on an as-needed basis.  Visitors are asked to park toward the east side of campus in any Student/Faculty/Staff parking space.

All other visitors to the HMC campus must obtain a visitor parking pass from the Office of Facilities and Maintenance.  This pass should be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, except in instances where frequent, repeat visitors may be provided with a hangtag.  Visitor parking passes are date-stamped and valid only for the issued date(s), and authorize the holder to park in Student/Faculty/Staff spaces on the HMC campus.  Visitors are asked to park toward the east side of campus to alleviate parking pressure on surrounding neighborhoods.  In instances where HMC faculty or staff have made arrangements to reserve spaces for visitors, we ask that visitors please park in these areas as instructed.

Faculty, staff, and students should make appropriate parking arrangements for planned visitors to the HMC campus.  This is especially true for groups of five visitors or more, as this creates increased parking pressure on neighboring communities.  Responsible planning will allow for the designated visitor spaces on Platt Boulevard and in the lot east of Kingston Hall to remain available for unplanned visitors.  To obtain a temporary parking pass, contact the Office of Facilities and Maintenance by emailing

First-Year Student Parking

Based on the College’s agreement with the City, first-year students are prohibited from bringing vehicles to campus.  However, a few exceptions can be made each year for students who demonstrate need according to established guidelines. The exact number of exceptions is governed by the City of Claremont municipal code Chapter 16.069 Institutional Districts, Section 16.069.090 Parking, which reads:

“The Community Development Director shall grant a reduction in the amount of required student parking when an undergraduate College Institution submits proof to the Director that the college has adopted a written policy prohibiting all members of an incoming or continuing academic year class (e.g. freshman, sophomore, etc.) from parking motor vehicles on campus The policy shall contain a description of the measures that are in place and enforced by the college and may contain exemptions for up to five percent (5%) of the students in any academic year class subject to the policy, for various reasons including mobility limitations, students residing off-campus, or other hardships identified in the policy.”

Each year, the Business Affairs Office notifies the Dean of Students Office how many exemptions are available for that year, based on enrollment.  First-year students who wish to request an exemption and receive a parking permit should contact the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students.  Exemptions will be granted at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, with priority given to medical needs.  In order to remain in compliance with the City, the 5% cap on exemptions cannot be exceeded and, therefore, no additional permits beyond the allowable limit will be issued.  Consequently, it may be necessary to prioritize the list of approved students, including revoking previous approvals in the event the 5% cap is reached.

Parking Enforcement and Monitoring

Parking enforcement is conducted by the Claremont Colleges Campus Safety Office.  Parking Enforcement officers patrol the HMC campus to not only ensure a safe and secure environment, but also to monitor parking registration and ensure that HMC parking spaces designated for HMC students, faculty, and staff are being used by individuals who are authorized to park in these spaces.

Parking violations are enforced as follows:

  • Vehicles that do not have a permit, or have a permit but are parked in a lot/space designated for other use, are subject to a parking citation and a fine.
  • After three parking citations, regardless of where the vehicle is parked or when the previous parking citations were issued, the fourth violation will result in a “warning to tow”.
  • The fifth violation will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

HMC constituents and visitors are not allowed to park in the Garrett House parking lot unless expressly authorized to do so.

Overnight Parking

Except for HMC students with a registered vehicle, long-term overnight parking is not permitted on the HMC campus. Students with current and valid registration are allowed to park their vehicles overnight in appropriately designated areas. Note: HMC students who live on campus and would like to request an overnight parking pass for their guests should contact Facilities and Maintenance via

Storage of vehicles is not allowed on the HMC campus at any time.  Furthermore, given the parking constraints faced by the College, faculty, staff, and students (with current and valid registration) are only allowed to have one vehicle on campus at a time.

Section 10.32.210 of the Claremont Municipal Code prohibits parking any vehicle on a City street for more than one hour between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.  More information regarding the City of Claremont parking and services can be found on their website at

Parking Procedures – Approval and Enforcement

This procedural document has been developed and guided by the parameters of the Parking Management Plan approved by the City.  The parking management plan is enforced by the Claremont Colleges Campus Safety Office in collaboration with HMC’s Facilities and Maintenance Office.

Updated: August 19, 2021