Internal Faculty Research Grants

Internally Awarded Funding: Call for Proposals

Internally-awarded funding is available for research, scholarship and creative work to be conducted by members of the Harvey Mudd College faculty in 2020. Awards will be made in these two categories:

  1. Student-Faculty
    Research Awards: In support of faculty-led summer research projects in any discipline.
    The base amount of each award is $6,000: $5,000 for a student research stipend plus fringe benefits; $1,000 stipend for supplies or travel related to the research project.
  2. Faculty
    Research, Scholarship or Creative Work Awards (without a student). In support of faculty
    projects that advance professional and scholarly development. Base amount: $3,500 for supplies, travel, supplemental salary or other expenses.

Notes to Acknowledge
A) Proposers may request up to $1,000 in additional funding with justification. No budget is required for the base-amount Award in category 1; budgets are required in category 2. The Research Committee may adjust Award amounts – up or down – based on the strength
of the proposal and the availability of funding.

B) In Category 2, there is additional funding this year from the Hixon-Riggs Forum for Responsive Science and Engineering, supporting faculty research that examines the social dimensions of science and/or technology. If you would like your proposal to be considered
for this funding, please indicate this in your project description.

C) Last year there was potential for faculty conducting summer research to receive 6K in summer salary. We anticipate this will again be available for 2020, but the decision to fund this has not been finalized.

D) Funds should be spent between Jan. 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021. Student-faculty research award stipends should be used during the summer months.


The competition is open to both tenure-track members and visitors of the Harvey Mudd College faculty. Some preference will be given to proposals from:

  1. Pre-tenure faculty
  2. Faculty beginning a new research project.
  3. Faculty that have demonstrated success (positive student experience, publications, presentations, screenings, scripts, musical performance, generation of preliminary results for grant applications, etc.) with previous internally funded research projects. This preference will not be considered for applications from faculty members who have not received internal funding in the past.

Proposal Submission

This year, we have a single date to apply for both types of internal funding:

Faculty must submit a full proposal via formstack link below by 5:00 pm Friday, October 23rd, 2020. Faculty who submit their proposal by this date will receive a decision to fund the proposal by November 6th, 2020.

Full proposals, for either time track should be submitted electronically to the following formstack links:

Proposals should be understandable by any member of the Harvey Mudd College faculty. Please avoid highly technical language, extensive use of chemical or mathematical formulas, unnecessary illustrations, and bibliographical references unless they are germane. You may include an appendix but be sure to make your case in the main part of the proposal. You may add an additional page if you are requesting additional funding and are including a budget. Please include text explaining and justifying the additional funding.

Please include the following information:

  • A descriptive project title.
  • A description of the research project including the goals, methods, and intellectual merit of the project.
  • A description of how this research project fits into your overall research program and the impact that this award would have on your professional development as a faculty member
  • A description of what the research student will do and what the benefits for the student are expected to be, if applicable.
  • A description of any successful outcomes from previous internally
    funded research projects.
  • In category 2, please describe how the project will contribute to your scholarship or professional development.

Please contact Chris Clark ( if you have any questions or run into any issues. The Research committee looks forward to reading your proposals!

In-house sources of funding exist to encourage and strengthen scholarly activity and foster a community of scholars across disciplines at Harvey Mudd. Promoting faculty professional development, internal grants also couple research and education, and enhance experiential learning on campus.

Funding Categories

Reviewed by the Faculty Research Committee

  • Beckman Endowment funds
  • The Rose Hills Foundation Science and Engineering Summer Research Fellowships (includes a $1250 stipend or discretionary funds for faculty).
  • The Sherman Fairchild Foundation Summer Research Fellowships (includes funding for supplies/travel and $1,000 for faculty)
  • The Fletcher Jones Foundation Summer Research Fellowships (includes $2,000 for supplies/travel related to the research project)

Reviewed by Special Groups with Separate Requests for Proposals

  • Rasmussen Summer Research Fund for environmental projects
  • Presidential strategic initiative projects

Beckman Endowment and General Support Research Grants

Proposals for Beckman Endowment and general support research grants are reviewed and recommended for funding by Harvey Mudd’s Faculty Research Committee. In recent years, the Beckman Endowment has provided in annual support for six to eight projects.

Rasmussen Summer Research Fund

The Rasmussen Summer Research Fund supports student and faculty research in the area of environmental sustainability. Funding is for student research, but a proposal may be initiated either by a faculty member or by a student with a confirmed faculty advisor.