Data Requests

HMC’s Datateam, which is composed of members of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) and the Registrar’s Office, is committed to supporting the mission of HMC. Our offices receive many data requests and we try to accommodate as many as can be managed alongside our regular work cycle and staff capacity. We have created a form to help us optimize our ability to respond to requests while also providing clear guidance to data-seekers.

Before making a request, we recommend considering publicly available sources of data. Is the data that interests you available through the Common Data Set, or any other information document made available on the HMC website? Are there reliable public sources for this information, such as IPEDS, U-CAN or other sources?

Information already available through self-service to authorized users on the portal (e.g., student access to their transcript, faculty access to their class lists and advisee rosters, etc.) is not addressed here. If you cannot find what you need, please complete the form below with specific details about your request so that we may get you the information you need.

All requests must fulfill a specific academic or administrative need. We do not fulfill requests by faculty or students for academic research or classroom use (i.e., course projects, surveys, scholarly research) without IRB approval. Please see the Student Data Release Policy for more information.

See also the HMC policy on Confidential and Sensitive Data, the HMC Records Retention Policy, and student rights under FERPA.