Scholarly Standing Committee (SSC)

The Scholarly Standing Committee (SSC) acts on behalf of the faculty to:

  • Interpret and propose academic regulations
  • Evaluate the academic record of each student
  • Consider requests for waiver of existing regulations
  • Serve as an appeals board for students with academic grievances
  • Review for approval of any IPS programs submitted by students with senior standing

Students who wish to petition the SSC on issues related to their academic status must submit a completed Scholarly Standing Committee Petition Form (PDF) to or in person to the Registrar’s office. Petition forms should be prepared carefully, in consultation with a student’s academic advisor(s), and often require supporting material (e.g., letters from Harvey Mudd faculty members, from faculty members at other institutions, from a doctor, transcripts from other institutions, etc.). The committee requires that students consult with their advisor(s) before submitting a petition; it does not require that the advisors’ agree with the petition. Advisor signatures on this form are strongly preferred, but you may attach PDFs of emails from advisors if necessary.

For each meeting of the SSC, there is a deadline by which petitions must be received at the Registrar’s office. If a petition is received after the deadline for a particular meeting, it will be added to the end of the agenda and considered only if time allows, if not, it will be considered at the following meeting. Non-Harvey Mudd transcripts for students seeking reinstatement at the College must arrive by the meeting date but may arrive after the petition deadline, as long as the petition itself arrives by the deadline. If you are asking another school to forward grades for SSC’s consideration, please ensure that they do so as soon as possible.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions.