4-year Projected Calendar

Dates in this calendar are subject to change.

Fall Semester
First day of classesMondayAug. 29Aug. 28Aug. 26Sept. 2
Labor Day (no classes in session)MondaySept. 5Sept. 4Sept. 2Sept. 1
Last day to add courses; all course fees become final (art, labs, PE, music)MondaySept. 12Sept. 11Sept. 9Sept. 15
Fall Break (no classes in session)Monday–TuesdayOct. 17–18Oct. 16-17Oct. 14-15Oct. 20-21
Last day to drop full semester courses without penaltyThursdayOct. 20Oct. 19Oct. 17Oct. 23
Last day to withdraw full semester courses; last day to declare full semester courses Credit/No CreditFridayNov. 18Nov. 17Nov. 15Nov. 21
Thanksgiving Break (no classes in session)Wednesday–FridayNov. 23–25Nov. 22-24Nov. 27-29Nov. 25-28
Pre-registration for SpringTuesday–FridayNov. 15–18Nov. 14-17Nov. 12-15Nov. 18-21
Last day of HMC classesFridayDec. 9Dec. 8Dec. 6Dec. 12
Final ExaminationsMonday–FridayDec. 12–16Dec. 11-15Dec. 9-13Dec. 15-19
Grades due to the Registrar by noonThursdayDec. 22Dec. 21Dec. 19Dec. 26
Fall grades viewable on the portalJan. 5Jan. 4Jan. 6Jan. 6
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