Entrepreneurship Projects

Project Department Year
Helping Teachers Author Interactive Online Classroom Activities Mathematics Desmos 2020–21
Arctic Ice Project Deployment Method Investigation Engineering/Global Arctic Ice Project 2020–21
Sound Recording Cover Song Identification Computer Science The Vobile Group 2020–21
Data-Driven Anomaly Detection for Rural Solar-PV Systems Engineering/Global Mee Panyar 2020–21
The Factor Programming Language: Web 2020 Computer Science Factor Programming Language 2020–21
Detecting Patterns of Defects in the Manufacture of Integrated Circuits Computer Science Galaxy Semiconductors Intelligence 2020–21
Addressing the Effects of Traffic on Air Quality at Claremont High School Computer Science/Mathematics Sustainable Claremont 2019–20
Puzzle Master 9000: The Jigsaw Puzzle-Helping App Computer Science HMC INQ 2019–20
Training Neural Networks for Sensor Engineering Syntiant 2019–20
Numerical Programming and an Online Platform for the Factor Programming Language Computer Science The Factor Programming Language 2019–20
Visualizing the Effects on California of a Global Climate Restoration Strategy Mathematics Ice911 Research 2019–20
Object Dimensioning System with Neural Network Chip Engineering Techmation 2019–20
Interpreting Image Streams in Multi-Camera Systems Computer Science Verkada 2018–19
ScreenPortal: Improving Spatial Presence Across Single-User Screens Computer Science Jones Parking Inc. 2018–19
Local Factory Startup Engineering Locally Grown Power 2018–19
Obstacle Detection and Tracking using mmWave Technology Engineering Techmation 2018–19
Project Beluga: Perception System and State Estimation in GPS-Denied Environment Engineering Techmation 2017–18
Integrating Genetics and Wearable Devices for Discovery Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics Helix OpCo LLC 2017–18
Investigating Hot Spots in Photovoltaic Panels through IdealPV’s Patented Controller Engineering/Physics Claremont Locally Grown Power 2017–18
Spot Cooling in the Human Body Engineering Ceremod Inc. 2017–18