Local Factory Startup

Locally Grown Power Engineering, 2018-19

Liaison(s): Mike Caldwell, Devon Hartman, Kent Kernahan
Advisor(s): Kash Gokli
Students(s): Jacquelyn Aguilera (TL-F), Giulia Castleberg, Priscilla Chu, Christopher McElroy, Nate Smith (TL-S)

Locally Grown Power (LGP) is a start-up creating replicable, non-profit solar panel factories. The pilot factory will open in Pomona, California, and aims to promote economic and environmental change by installing 6,000 solar systems on low- to mid-level-income households. The team is tasked to design a world-class solar panel factory by producing an optimal plant layout, outlining detailed workstations, and determining specific machines, tools and equipment.