Object Dimensioning System with Neural Network Chip

Techmation Engineering, 2019-20

Liaison(s): Jerry Hsiung ’16, Jack Yang ’17
Advisor(s): Ruye Wang
Students(s): Andrew Q. Pham (TL-S), Sabrine Griffith (TL-F), Russell Bingham, Reem Alkhamis (S), Kahiwa Hoe (S), Sabrina Shen (F)

Systems to measure objects are used extensively in manufacturing to check if parts are within acceptable tolerances. Over the past few years, computer vision and deep learning have matured to the point of practical use for many different applications. Techmation seeks to explore and judge the feasibility of using these new technologies, specifically the AvSSP artificial intelligence chip, to create a computer vision-based dimensioning system that serves as an alternative to similar existing systems by reducing costs and computational requirements.