Sound Recording Cover Song Identification

The Vobile Group Computer Science, 2020–21

Liaison(s): Mark Hall, Erica Alshuler, Perry Espardinez, Austin Jordan, Adrian Leatherland, Warin Isvilanonda, Yonghui Ma
Advisor(s): George Montanez
Students(s): Caroline Tandrup, Alice Chi, Mengyi Shan, Raji Rajkumar, Hava Parker

Vobile provides its clients with SaaS monetization/tracking services in order to monitor online content and attribute discovered content to its rightful copyright owner. Our team extends Vobile’s content recognition framework by building a cover song identification (CSI) system, which takes an arbitrary candidate recording as input and determines if it is a modified version of any composition in Vobile’s database. If such a match exists, Vobile enacts policies prescribed by the rights-holder and the publisher(s) may be compensated.