Explore Price-Performance of ARM vs. x86 in Amazon Web Services

23andMe Engineering, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Arnold de Leon ’90, Karl Larson ’96, Jacob Rosalsky ’18
Advisor(s): Ryue Wang (Fall), Werner Zorman (Spring)
Students(s): Keyvon Adelzadeh, Neil Beveridge (TL-F), Maria Croom (TL-S), Udeema Shakya, Daniel Torres (TL-S)

23andMe is a consumer facing genetics and research company conducting independent research in genomics, diseases and drug development. Known for offering an FDA-authorized genotyping service, 23andMe allows users to learn about their ancestry and genetic health risks. The aim of this project is to create a procedure to evaluate the price performance of 23andMe’s GWAS algorithm on Amazon Web Service’s ARM processors in comparison to their current workflow which utilizes Intel’s x86 processors.