Arctic Ice Project Deployment Method Investigation

Arctic Ice Project Engineering/Global, 2020–21

Liaison(s): Dr. Leslie Field, Alexander Sholtz, Tim Player ’20
Advisor(s): Ruye Wang
Students(s): Wing-Yee Law (TL-S), Dominique Aiu Taber (TL-F), Yoo-Jin Hwang (F), Benjamin Jin (S), Naina Kaimal (F), Olivia Hockley-Rodes (F)

Arctic Ice Project is a nonprofit seeking to preserve and restore the Arctic through safe and effective albedo modification techniques. The team has developed a particle simulation model to assess the viability of a ship-based blower-driven deployment of albedo modifying hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) utilizing natural weather patterns for distribution. Additionally, the team compiled information on the material properties of HGMs to determine ideal transportation methods.