Fresno Air Quality Monitoring and Mapping

Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce (FMBCC) Engineering, 2018-19

Liaison(s): Tara Lynn Gray, Kaya Herron
Advisor(s): Lelia Hawkins, Tanja Srebotnjak
Students(s): Sidney Cozier (TL-F), Eliana Goehring, Simone Griffith (TL-S), Jakim Johnson, Kaitlyn Loop

Fresno is one of the most polluted and underserved communities in California. The Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce is partnering with local organizations and the Transform Fresno Climate Communities Collaborative to clean the air in downtown, Chinatown and southwest Fresno with new infrastructure. Our Clinic team is implementing low-cost sensors throughout the area, visualizing the fine particulate pollutant concentration and publishing our findings so the community can understand where problem areas still exist and how infrastructure is changing their air.