Visualizing the Effects on California of a Global Climate Restoration Strategy

Ice911 Research Mathematics, 2019-20

Liaison(s): Leslie Field, Subarna Bhattachryya
Advisor(s): Andrew Bernoff
Students(s): Gabriella Giordano (PM), Michael Streinz, Parker Andrews, Cade Curry, Matthew vonAllmen

Anthropogenic global warming is altering the Earth’s climate; the polar ice caps have shrunk, and the loss of reflective ice is accelerating global warming. Ice911 Research has developed a climate restoration technology that increases sea ice reflectivity, potentially slowing global warming. Ice911 Research has produced high-quality simulations of this intervention which are data rich but difficult to distill into graphics and conclusions understandable by decision makers. The Ice911 Clinic Team is using this data to provide clear and concise illustrations of regional and global climate impacts of this intervention.