Entrepreneurship Projects, Page 2

Project Department Year
Network Analysis and Methodology Development for Drug Discovery in Alzheimer’s Disease Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics Dart NeuroScience LLC 2017–18
Project Beluga: Trajectory-Tracking Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Engineering Techmation 2016–17
Hockey Helmet Impact-Monitoring System Computer Science/Engineering ZAM Helmets Inc. 2016–17
Reverse-Engineering Power Flows on the Eastern Interconnect from Real-Time Price Data Mathematics Saracen Energy 2016–17
Creation and Analysis of Experiment Driven Biological Networks for Understanding Memory Processes Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics Dart NeuroScience LLC 2016–17
New Form Factor and User Interface Engineering Regenesis Biomedical 2016–17
Heat Pump for Heavy Electric Vehicles Engineering Motiv Power Systems 2016–17
Hydration Monitoring Using Impedance Techniques Engineering Proteus Digital Health 2015–16
Indoor Mapping with Bluetooth Beacons Computer Science Gimbal 2015–16
Big Mass Battery: Engineering Challenges and Feasibility Engineering BiMBy Power Company LLC 2015–16
Wearable Ambient Temperature Monitoring Engineering Whistle Labs Inc. 2015–16
Real-Time Data Aggregation Computer Science Rubicon Project: Stream 2014–15
Real-Time Query and Visualization of Large-Scale Data Streams Computer Science Rubicon Project: Query 2014–15
Creating a Low-Cost Turbidity-Sensitive Solution for Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water Global PotaVida Inc. 2014–15
Mapping for Microscopes: Automatic Processing of Apatite Images Computer Science Apatite to Zircon Inc. 2014–15
Gaming Reality: Real-World 3D Models in Interactive Media Computer Science Matterport 2014–15
On-Torso Physiologic Sensing Utilizing Optical Techniques Engineering Proteus Digital Health 2014–15
Automated Fission Track and Etch Pit Characterization in Apatite Crystals Computer Science Apatite to Zircon Inc. 2013–14
Respectful Cross-Device Conversion Attribution Computer Science Rubicon Project 2013–14
Heliostat Wind Effect Instrumentation Engineering eSolar 2013–14