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Project Department Year
Network Analysis and Methodology Development for Drug Discovery in Alzheimer’s Disease Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics Dart NeuroScience LLC 2017–18
Project Beluga: Perception System and State Estimation in GPS-Denied Environment Engineering Techmation 2017–18
Hockey Helmet Impact-Monitoring System Computer Science/Engineering ZAM Helmets Inc. 2016–17
New Form Factor and User Interface Engineering Regenesis Biomedical 2016–17
Creation and Analysis of Experiment Driven Biological Networks for Understanding Memory Processes Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics Dart NeuroScience LLC 2016–17
Heat Pump for Heavy Electric Vehicles Engineering Motiv Power Systems 2016–17
Reverse-Engineering Power Flows on the Eastern Interconnect from Real-Time Price Data Mathematics Saracen Energy 2016–17
Project Beluga: Trajectory-Tracking Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Engineering Techmation 2016–17
Indoor Mapping with Bluetooth Beacons Computer Science Gimbal 2015–16
Wearable Ambient Temperature Monitoring Engineering Whistle Labs Inc. 2015–16
Big Mass Battery: Engineering Challenges and Feasibility Engineering BiMBy Power Company LLC 2015–16
Hydration Monitoring Using Impedance Techniques Engineering Proteus Digital Health 2015–16
On-Torso Physiologic Sensing Utilizing Optical Techniques Engineering Proteus Digital Health 2014–15
Real-Time Data Aggregation Computer Science Rubicon Project: Stream 2014–15
Real-Time Query and Visualization of Large-Scale Data Streams Computer Science Rubicon Project: Query 2014–15
Gaming Reality: Real-World 3D Models in Interactive Media Computer Science Matterport 2014–15
Creating a Low-Cost Turbidity-Sensitive Solution for Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water Global PotaVida Inc. 2014–15
Mapping for Microscopes: Automatic Processing of Apatite Images Computer Science Apatite to Zircon Inc. 2014–15
Respectful Cross-Device Conversion Attribution Computer Science Rubicon Project 2013–14
Heliostat Wind Effect Instrumentation Engineering eSolar 2013–14
Past Clinic Projects