Project Beluga: Perception System and State Estimation in GPS-Denied Environment

Techmation Engineering, 2017-18

Liaison(s): Jerry Hsiung ’16, Benjamin Chasnov ’16, Cyrus Huang ’16, Vaibhav Viswanathan ’17
Advisor(s): Anthony Bright
Students(s): Zayra Lobo (TL-S), Nancy Wei (TL-F), Austin Chun, Dominic Frempong, Evan Chapman (S), John Lee (S)

The Techmation Clinic team selected and implemented an acoustic beacon and hydrophones to augment an IMU in an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The team then used these sensors for state estimation of the AUV in a GPS-denied environment. A major part of this process was also the development of an Extended Kalman Filter, a state estimation algorithm for sensor integration, and a localization algorithm for the acoustic system.