Investigating Hot Spots in Photovoltaic Panels through IdealPV’s Patented Controller

Claremont Locally Grown Power Engineering/Physics, 2017-18

Liaison(s): Kent Kernahan, Devon Hartman
Advisor(s): Qimin Yang, Tom Donnelly (F), Peter Saeta (S), Dick Haskell (Emeritus-S)
Students(s): Jonathan Kupfer (TL-F), Florence Walsh (TL-S), Dallon Asnes, William Lamb, Quentin Barth (F)

Claremont Locally Grown Power is a program of CHERP Inc., (Community Home Energy Retrofit Project), a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise, in an exclusive licensing agreement to deploy idealPV’s patented solar technology. The clinic team is assisting CLGP in their goal of outfitting lower-to-middle income households with cheaper, safer, and more efficient solar panels by providing third-party verification and testing of the underlying idealPV technology through lab research, physics-based mathematical modeling, and prototype comparison field studies.