Obstacle Detection and Tracking using mmWave Technology

Techmation Engineering, 2018-19

Liaison(s): Jerry Hsiung ’16, Xin Cyrus Huang ’16, Viabhav Viswanathan ’17, Jack Yang ’17
Advisor(s): Anthony Bright
Students(s): Kitty Belling (TL-F), Nils Godmuse (FE-F), Peter Johnson (F), Alexander Moody (S), David E. Olumese, Andrew Q. Pham (S), Shiv Seetharaman (TL-S)

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Radar is a unique type of radar system that uses high frequency (~70-80 GHz) electromagnetic waves to detect the position and velocity of objects with high resolution. This Clinic project seeks to characterize the performance of mmWave radar technology and explore its feasibility for usage on Techmation’s industrial robotics platforms. The team’s efforts have culminated in a mobile robot demonstration that uses mmWave radar for autonomous obstacle avoidance in known, indoor environments.