Projects Department: Computer Science, Page 4

Project Department Year
Google Front-end Framework Computer Science Google Irvine 2019–20
Expediting Grocery Pick Up – A Computer Vision Approach Computer Science Walmart Labs 2019–20
Discovering and Displaying Drops in Internet Performance Data Computer Science Google Measurement Lab 2019–20
Improving Product Relevance for Online Voice Groceries Computer Science Walmart Labs Voice 2019–20
Puzzle Master 9000: The Jigsaw Puzzle-Helping App Computer Science HMC INQ 2019–20
Analyzing Web Usage Data to Detect Threat Patterns Computer Science Webroot 2019–20
Modeling Employment-Matches for Anonymous Job Seekers Computer Science Indeed 2019–20
Predicting Antibody Developability From Sequence Using Machine Learning Biology/Computer Science Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA 2019–20
Optimizing Router Performance Computer Science Juniper Networks 2019–20
Addressing the Effects of Traffic on Air Quality at Claremont High School Computer Science/Mathematics Sustainable Claremont 2019–20
A Framework for Evaluating OCR Engines’ Accuracy Computer Science Laserfiche 2019–20
Automating the Extraction of Photon Doppler Velocimetry Data Computer Science/Physics Los Alamos National Laboratory 2019–20
Improving Laboratory Outcomes Using Augmented Reality Computer Science Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA 2018–19
Interpreting Image Streams in Multi-Camera Systems Computer Science Verkada 2018–19
Developing Robust Cell-Counting Algorithms Computer Science Fluxergy 2018–19
Analyzing The Web for HTTPS Certificate Reputation Computer Science Webroot Inc. 2018–19
Reviewing Code Reviews Computer Science Google 2018–19
Using Machine Learning to Automate the Tuning of Electrostatically Defined Quantum Dots Computer Science/Physics HRL Laboratories LLC 2018–19
Simulating and Fixing Visible Anomalies in Thermal Inkjet Printing with Machine Learning Computer Science HP Inc. 2018–19
Finding the “Right” Balance for Asymmetric Lipid Bilayers Computer Science/Physics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2018–19