Performance Testing for an Automated Fare Collection System

Cubic Transportation Systems Computer Science, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Cheng Yeh, Kiran Uppalipatti, Galen Chui ’05
Advisor(s): Zachary Dodds
Students(s): Kristen Mason (PM), James Karsten, Kari Schultz, Rose Didcock, Xander Hirsch

Cubic Transportation Systems provides information technology services for public transportation providers around the world, and their technology is used by over 35 million people per day. The goal of the team’s project was to analyze the current performance of Cubic’s systems to assist the company in flagging and fixing points of friction and other bottlenecks. The team designed a data pipeline to assist with load testing Cubic’s systems, and created the foundations for a modeling approach that would allow Cubic to accurately simulate high volume traffic on their systems.