Feat: A Domain-Specific Language

Quantcast Computer Science, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Rory Carmichael, Jackson Newhouse ’12, Scott McCoy
Advisor(s): Christopher Stone
Students(s): Theo Bayard de Volo (PM-F), Kian Chamine (PM-S), Jarred Allen, Charles Meng, Qualan Woodard

Not all ads are created equal. When a web page loads, advertisers have milliseconds to bid on its ad space. Using machine learning, Quantcast determines which ad would be most relevant to the viewer. Their models are created by modeling scientists, who must work within a huge Java and Python codebase. The team created a Domain-Specific Language to improve the quality of life for modeling scientists, implementing abstractions and an intuitive interface to make experimentation, testing, and model creation easier.