Catching Uncareful Code: Static Analysis of (Arbitrary) Data Queries

ServiceNow Computer Science, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Kyle Barron-Kraus, Magaly Drant, Marie Harrington
Advisor(s): Beth Trushkowsky
Students(s): Ria Gopu (PM-S), Tatsuki Kuze (PM-F), Dolly Efuye, Kip Lim, Josh Cordova

ServiceNow provides an enterprise service management platform that allows clients to customize their own applications via their instance’s user interface or in JavaScript for automating their company’s common workflows. Sometimes, clients write applications that contain inefficient database queries. This project aims to reduce the number of deployments of such queries by creating a tool for client developers that conducts static analysis of scripted queries before runtime and produces warning messages for inefficient queries in their code.