A Drone System for Diverting Large Pests: Exploring the Possibility of Cloudifiers in Our Homes

HMC INQ Computer Science, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Josh Jones ’98
Advisor(s): Zachary Dodds
Students(s): Ingrid Tsang (PM-F), Cathy Chang (PM-S), Erik Tarango, Fabrizia Mugnatto, Tristan Johnson

This project aims to leverage the untapped capabilities of old, unused devices by connecting these devices to the internet via HMC INQ developed “cloudifiers.” This year, the team focused on a specific application of the cloudifier: a drone-based system to divert large pests from home gardens. In designing and building this system, we prototyped a cloudifier with a Raspberry Pi, worked with consumer drones and computer vision technologies, and developed a web app for users to interact with their drone.