Projects Department: Computer Science, Page 5

Project Department Year
Journaled Objects, Blockchain and the External Source of Truth Computer Science Intuit Inc. 2018–19
ScreenPortal: Improving Spatial Presence Across Single-User Screens Computer Science Jones Parking Inc. 2018–19
Automating Identification of Factors that Lead to Low-Yield in Semiconductor Manufacturing Computer Science Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Business 2018–19
Improving the Reading Experience Through Always-on Eye Tracking Computer Science Microsoft Corporation 2018–19
Ground-Based Localization Within Satellite Images Computer Science MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2018–19
RACECAR for Education Computer Science MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2018–19
Host Anomaly Detection: Drawing Attention to the Needle in the Haystack Computer Science New Relic 2018–19
Applications of Deep Learning to Ad Quality Computer Science OpenX Technologies 2018–19
Associating Attacks with Actors Computer Science Proofpoint Inc. 2018–19
Telemetry and Modeling for Automatic Tuning in Apache Cassandra Computer Science A Capella 2018–19
Implementing a Clustered NFS Server on a Pure Storage FlashArray Computer Science Pure Storage 2018–19
Representing and Communicating Intent in Human-Robot Teams Computer Science Accenture 2018–19
Optimizing Compression for Time Series Data Computer Science ServiceNow 2018–19
An All-Audiences Interface for Algorithmic Data Analysis and Exploration Computer Science Booz Allen Hamilton 2018–19
Wood Veneer Classification and Cataloguing for Finished Product Computer Science Steelcase 2018–19
Amazon Music Graph Computer Science Amazon Music 2017–18
Image-Text Classification to Correct the Amazon PrimeNow Search Experience Computer Science Amazon Prime Now 2017–18
Traffic Testing in Fully Programmable, 6.4Tbps Networks Computer Science Barefoot Networks 2017–18
Algorithmic Fairness: Using Machine Learning To Detect Disparate Impact In Geo-based Risk Modeling Computer Science Consensus Corporation 2017–18
Temporal Segmentation of Surgical Suturing Computer Science Intuitive Surgical 2017–18