Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 6

Project Department Year
Implementing a Clustered NFS Server on a Pure Storage FlashArray Computer Science Pure Storage 2018–19
Optimizing Compression for Time Series Data Computer Science ServiceNow 2018–19
Wood Veneer Classification and Cataloguing for Finished Product Computer Science Steelcase 2018–19
Telemetry and Modeling for Automatic Tuning in Apache Cassandra Computer Science A Capella 2018–19
Interpreting Image Streams in Multi-Camera Systems Computer Science Verkada 2018–19
Representing and Communicating Intent in Human-Robot Teams Computer Science Accenture 2018–19
Simulating and Fixing Visible Anomalies in Thermal Inkjet Printing with Machine Learning Computer Science HP Inc. 2018–19
An All-Audiences Interface for Algorithmic Data Analysis and Exploration Computer Science Booz Allen Hamilton 2018–19
Analyzing The Web for HTTPS Certificate Reputation Computer Science Webroot Inc. 2018–19
Improving Laboratory Outcomes Using Augmented Reality Computer Science Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA 2018–19
Developing Robust Cell-Counting Algorithms Computer Science Fluxergy 2018–19
Using Machine Learning to Automate the Tuning of Electrostatically Defined Quantum Dots Computer Science/Physics HRL Laboratories LLC 2018–19
Detecting Phishing Using Deep Learning Networks Computer Science Proofpoint Inc. 2017–18
Securing Today’s Software-Development Pipelines Computer Science Rapid7 Inc. 2017–18
Genetic Gameplay: Showcasing 23andMe’s Personal-Genetics API Computer Science 23andMe 2017–18
Wood Veneer Classification and Cataloguing, Mobile Computer Science Steelcase Inc. 2017–18
3D Model Integration for Agile Digital Product Development Computer Science Accenture Labs 2017–18
Machine Learning on DNS Data to Discover Security Threats Computer Science Webroot Inc. 2017–18
Traffic Testing in Fully Programmable, 6.4Tbps Networks Computer Science Barefoot Networks 2017–18
Amazon Music Graph Computer Science Amazon Music 2017–18
Past Clinic Projects