Facilitating the Visual Communication of Wood Veneer

Steelcase Computer Science, 2019-20

Liaison(s): Ed Vanderbilt, Mark Schild, James Huey, Steve Merdzinski
Advisor(s): Katherine Breeden
Students(s): Jenna Kahn (PM-S), Matt Kanovsky (PM-F), Kevin Sasaki, Anya Wallace

Steelcase is a furniture company that excels in high-volume, consistent production of quality wood veneered office furniture. Doing so requires successful communication between a number of parties—from veneer purchasers to sales representatives and clients—with diverse areas of expertise. We created a database of veneer imagery and extracted salient features from these images using image processing techniques. Applications drawing on this database can educate customers and facilitate communication between members of the Steelcase network by associating veneer terminology with a visual representation.