Improving Virtual Conferences

Shopify Plus Computer Science, 2020–21

Liaison(s): Frank Liu ’14, Corey Martella, Kathi Taylor, Joe Doyle, Colin Bodell P14
Advisor(s): Ran Libeskind-Hadas
Students(s): Angela Chen (PM-F), Nancy Cao (PM-S), Jacob Adolphe, Joaquin Fuenzalida Nunez, Andrew Ni

Shopify Plus is the enterprise-focused organization under Shopify, a global e-commerce platform company. Since Shopify became Digital By Default in 2020, Shopify employees work in a remote-first environment after COVID. Shopify Plus is seeking a solution to promote serendipitous social meetings between their employees to use during their future remote conferences. Our solution is a web application that displays key words from live online conversations in word clouds, so people can “overhear” conversations, jump in, and socialize.