Facilitating Trust

Intuit Futures Technology Group Computer Science, 2020–21

Liaison(s): Roger Meike P21 P23, Amir Eftekhari, Corinne Finegan, Cody Driscoll, Diane Dryden, Joanne Locascio, Sarvesh Bhardwaj
Advisor(s): Lisa Kaczmarczyk
Students(s): Lorraine Zhao, Matthew Krager, Deyana Marsh, Serenity Wade, Jacob Waite

Before COVID-19, customers developed trust with small businesses through face-to-face interactions, but now due to the shift to computer mediated communication this process has become much more difficult. Thus, we focus our project on meeting customer expectations during an online business transaction. We first identify four main concepts that encapsulate customers expectations: engagement, competency, transparency, and rapport. Then we design, develop, and conduct internal testing on a video-conferencing platform with features related to the four concepts, including in-call interactive panels, post-call reports, and more.