A Mobile App to Engage Elementary-Age Students in Urban Forestry and Tree Health

California Urban Forests Council/The Britton Fund Computer Science, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Cynthia Chavez, Christopher Crippen, Joey Crippen, Deb Etheredge, Linda Mendez, Kanami Otani, Mike Palat, Andy Trotter, Tim Womick
Advisor(s): Ben Wiedermann
Students(s): Elissa Hou, Jess Jacobs, Thuy-Linh Le (PM-S), Hilary Nelson (PM-F), Alex Nghiem, Avalon

The California Urban Forests Council and partners aim to encourage urban forestry engagement of disadvantaged and low-income communities throughout California. The Clinic team created a mobile app that encourages elementary-age children to engage with nature in their local communities, through lessons, games, and activities. The app launched on March 12, 2022 at a state-wide tree planting event celebrating California’s Arbor Day. Sponsors hope families continue to use the app after the event to monitor their urban forest.