Projects Department: Computer Science, Page 3

Project Department Year
Benchmarking HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/3 Computer Science Microsoft 2020–21
Project Morpheus Computer Science/Engineering n/a 2020–21
COVID-19 Data Aggregation and Analytics for Responding to the Pandemic Computer Science Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center 2020–21
A Visual Display of ML Processes Computer Science Proofpoint 2020–21
GPU-Accelerated Visualization of High-order Physics Simulation Meshes Computer Science Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2019–20
Food Waste Analysis Through a Handheld Scanner App Computer Science Los Angeles Regional Food Bank 2019–20
Eye Tracking to Improve Reading Experience on Screens Computer Science Microsoft 2019–20
RACECAR Computer Science MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2019–20
Automated Kafka Consumer Scaling Computer Science CrowdStrike 2019–20
An Asset Browser for Feature Animation Computer Science Paramount Animation 2019–20
Project Terminator Computer Science EdgeConneX 2019–20
Automatic Disk-Image Conversion Computer Science Pure Storage 2019–20
Cognitive Databases for Improved Large-scale Information Access Computer Science Futrend Technology Inc. 2019–20
Efficient Indexing of Compressed Time-series Data Computer Science ServiceNow 2019–20
Google Education: Applied Machine Learning Intensive Clinic Computer Science Google 2019–20
Facilitating the Visual Communication of Wood Veneer Computer Science Steelcase 2019–20
Google Call Center Computer Science Google 2019–20
Numerical Programming and an Online Platform for the Factor Programming Language Computer Science The Factor Programming Language 2019–20
Google Applied Computing Series Computer Science Google Applied Computing 2019–20
The Limits of Transfer Learning Computer Science The Walter Bradley Center 2019–20