Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 3

Project Department Year
Detecting Patterns of Defects in the Manufacture of Integrated Circuits Computer Science Galaxy Semiconductors Intelligence 2020–21
The Factor Programming Language: Web 2020 Computer Science Factor Programming Language 2020–21
Concierge App Computer Science Estée Lauder Companies 2020–21
Sound Recording Cover Song Identification Computer Science The Vobile Group 2020–21
Kafka Consumer Simulation and Scaling Computer Science CrowdStrike 2020–21
Anomaly Detection in High-Performance Trading Systems Computer Science Tradeweb Markets Inc. 2020–21
Benchmarking HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/3 Computer Science Microsoft 2020–21
Identifying Small-Business Owners from Transactional Spend Data Computer Science American Express 2020–21
A schedule generator, assessor, and browser for the West Coast League Computer Science Wenatchee AppleSox 2020–21
Automatic Generation of Physiologically Relevant Lipid Bilayers Computer Science/Physics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2020–21
Algorithmic Graph Clustering of Schemas using Table Metadata Computer Science Alation 2020–21
Efficient Algorithms for Fairer Finance Computer Science/Global Greensill Capital 2020–21
Facilitating Trust Computer Science Intuit Futures Technology Group 2020–21
COVID-19 Data Aggregation and Analytics for Responding to the Pandemic Computer Science Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center 2020–21
Coordinating Personal Interactions within Juniper Cloud Labs Computer Science Juniper Networks 2020–21
A Visual Display of ML Processes Computer Science Proofpoint 2020–21
Improving Virtual Conferences Computer Science Shopify Plus 2020–21
Cloud Block Store Provisioning and Controller Computer Science Pure Storage 2020–21
Automating and Assessing Data Anonymization  Computer Science ServiceNow 2020–21
Juniper OSS Computer Science Juniper Networks 2020–21
Past Clinic Projects