Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 2

Project Department Year
Automatic Spark Tuning For Low Waste Batch Processing Computer Science/Mathematics Quantcast 2023–24
Next-generation Retail Experiences for Bridging In-person and Online Commerce Computer Science Shopify, Inc. 2022–23
Data-Organizing for Labor Action Computer Science UNITE HERE 2022–23
Developing Tools for Testing Adversarial Attacks Against Natural Language Classifiers Computer Science Proofpoint, Inc. 2022–23
Creating a Layer 6 Load Balancer Computer Science Quantcast 2022–23
Sweep Matching Engine Algorithm Development Computer Science Tradeweb 2022–23
Improving NCE’s Internal Task Management System Computer Science N Consulting Engineers 2022–23
Measuring Query Relevance of Visual Attributes in Fashion Search Computer Science Nordstrom 2022–23
Designing Algorithms and Infrastructure for Improved Kubernetes Autoscaling Computer Science CrowdStrike 2022–23
Leveraging Relational Databases for Spatial Transcriptomics Computer Science Harvard Center for Computational Biomedicine 2022–23
Automatic Video Scene Extraction and Annotation Tool for Customer Experience Enhancement Computer Science DIRECTV 2022–23
Clustering, Analysis, and Prediction on eBay M2M Messaging Computer Science eBay 2022–23
Visualizing Spatial Genomics for Biology and Translational Medicine Computer Science Caltech Cai Lab 2022–23
Generalized, Deployable, Insolation Forecasts Computer Science Clean Power Research 2022–23
Personalized 5C Dining Web App Computer Science ClareNom 2022–23
Assessing Health and Trust in the Border Gateway Protocol Computer Science Juniper Networks 2022–23
Identifying Economic Insights in FedEx’s Shipping Data Computer Science FedEx 2022–23
Querying Latent Structure in Single-cell RNA-seq Data Computer Science Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 2022–23
Federated Learning Platform for Alation Machine Learning Computer Science Alation 2021–22
A Mobile App to Engage Elementary-Age Students in Urban Forestry and Tree Health Computer Science California Urban Forests Council/The Britton Fund 2021–22
Past Clinic Projects