Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 2

Project Department Year
Data Replication for High Performance Distributed Systems Computer Science Pure Storage 2021–22
Feat: A Domain-Specific Language Computer Science Quantcast 2021–22
Early Anomaly Detection in Marketing Data Computer Science Rockerbox 2021–22
Automatic Annotations of Media Streams Computer Science Samba TV 2021–22
Federated Learning Platform for Alation Machine Learning Computer Science Alation 2021–22
webFish: Cloud-Based Spatial Genomics Visualization Computer Science Schmidt Academy and Cai Lab (Caltech) 2021–22
A Mobile App to Engage Elementary-Age Students in Urban Forestry and Tree Health Computer Science California Urban Forests Council/The Britton Fund 2021–22
Catching Uncareful Code: Static Analysis of (Arbitrary) Data Queries Computer Science ServiceNow 2021–22
Supporting Proof of Concept Testing Computer Science Cradlepoint 2021–22
Online Shopping in VR Computer Science Shopify, Inc. 2021–22
Autoscaling Algorithm for Managing Clients on Kubernetes Clusters Computer Science CrowdStrike 2021–22
Querying and Visualizing Single-cell Data Computer Science Single Cell Research Initiative at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) 2021–22
Performance Testing for an Automated Fare Collection System Computer Science Cubic Transportation Systems 2021–22
Mapping the Disparate Effects of California’s Prop 13 Computer Science TechEquity Collaborative 2021–22
Bridging Geographic Information Systems and Computing Education Computer Science Esri 2021–22
Anomaly Detection in High-Performance Trading Systems Computer Science Tradeweb 2021–22
The Factor Programming Language: Game Development Computer Science Factor Programming Language 2021–22
Helping Devices Work Better Together Computer Science Google 2021–22
A Drone System for Diverting Large Pests: Exploring the Possibility of Cloudifiers in Our Homes Computer Science HMC INQ 2021–22
Project Morpheus Computer Science/Engineering n/a 2020–21
Past Clinic Projects