Clustering, Analysis, and Prediction on eBay M2M Messaging

eBay Computer Science, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Rahul Agarwal, Kishore Paul, Raphael Tsow
Advisor(s): Melissa O’Neill
Students(s): Amy Tam (PM), Wyatt Chang, David Garcia, Cynthia Hom, Andy Liu, Amani Maina-Kilaas

The eBay Clinic team is training model(s) on member-to-member (M2M) messaging data, which makes up a majority of users’ interactions, for sentiment analysis and topic modeling to improve existing eBay models and identify new opportunities. By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing techniques on eBay’s M2M data, eBay can better understand user behavior in order to better facilitate the sale of goods and services between buyers and sellers globally. eBay is a leading online marketplace for consumers worldwide.