Improving NCE’s Internal Task Management System

N Consulting Engineers Computer Science, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Ross Anderson, Dmitry Chechuy, Steve Lew, Kyle Matthes
Advisor(s): Mark Kampe
Students(s): Valentina Vallalta (PM-F), Kobe Lin (PM-S), Arisa Cowe, Jose Liera, Christian Valdovinos

N Consulting Engineers is a company that supports civil engineering projects by managing and supervising complex, large technical projects and handling permissions and compliance forms. Thus, they created a custom task management and timekeeping tool, TimeSheets, to provide the level of detail and specificity required for their clients. However, many employees have a negative experience using TimeSheets. Our Clinic project focused on improving the user experience of TimeSheets by adding new functionality and improving upon the existing ones.