Designing Algorithms and Infrastructure for Improved Kubernetes Autoscaling

CrowdStrike Computer Science, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Luke Hunter ’03, Julius Lauw ’20, Thomas Fleming ’22, Jonathan Fuentes
Advisor(s): Lucas Bang
Students(s): Rex Asabor, Andrea Chen (PM-S), Miles Christensen, Annika Khare, Celine Wang (PM-F)

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company that provides cloud-native endpoint protection. They process trillions of messages every week in order to detect malicious behavior and would like to automatically scale their server resources in response to the volume of messages they receive. To do so, the CrowdStrike Clinic team has worked on developing a robust testing framework and improving the existing autoscaling algorithms to best serve CrowdStrike and their customers’ needs.